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Our Story

Found in Greek mythology, Hebe, is the goddess of youth. She is the cup bearer who serves nectar to the Olympic gods to give them everlasting youth.


At Hebe, we believe that your genetics are not your destiny and you don’t have to age the way your parents did.


We specialize in helping our clients achieve the best versions of themselves with hair enhancing technologies, skin firming secrets, and overall body wellness services and products.

sarah holmes, hair stylist

Sarah Kate

Sarah Kate developed a keen eye for even the smallest detail at an early age. She gives her mom, Anne, all the credit. Anne has been a designer in the fashion world for over 20 years. When Sarah was in high school, the two of them, along with Sarah’s younger sister, Marisa, loved to spend their free time designing clothes and shopping vintage stores and flea markets for one of a kind items that showcased their original style. (Click HERE for more info.)





At just 20 years of age, Alyssa has made quite an impression on Sarah Kate with her incredible natural talent for hair coloring and leadership. She has mastered Hébe’s signature techniques and she is quickly building her clientele in Del Mar. Alyssa first recognized her passion for hair styling in high school when she did all of her friends’ hair for their school dances. She even did her first bridal party at the age of 15! She completed cosmetology school at Bellus Academy in 2013, joined the Hébé team in July 2014, and has since demonstrated that she has the passion and drive to be a key player in Hébé’s growth. As a San Diego native, Alyssa enjoys giving her clients that gorgeous natural sun kissed Hébé is known for and her easy going personality and compassion for others is what makes it so easy for her to connect to anyone!



Carson is Sarah Kate’s amazing assistant and Hébé’s “Drylist” who gives the most incredible blowouts that last for days. As a young girl, Carson was exposed to the hair world as she remembers her mom always being in the beauty salon and her best friend’s mom owned a salon. She started her career in Junior High when she did her friends’ hair for dances and dance competitions. She left her small town in Wisconsin and moved out to San Diego 4 years ago. Her passion for hair made her enroll and graduate from Marinello in 2013. She has been a major contributor to Hébé’s success this past year because of her warm, compassionate, and friendly personality that is so fun to be around as she helps Sarah Kate create fabulously healthy and youthful hair with such enthusiasm. She spends her time away from the salon being a busy single mom as she is blessed with a beautiful 3 year old girl, Camyelle, whom we call “Bug”.