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The right way to trim body fat and preserve lean muscle tissue!

toned bodyA Breakthrough Weight Management & Body Shaping System!


Diets come and go, but one thing is for certain, people continue to measure their weight 2 ways- 1. by how well their clothes fit & 2. by the number that shows up on their bathroom scale. The fatal flaw of these measurements is that they don’t take into consideration whether you’ve burned fat OR lean muscle tissue to shed those unwanted pounds.


It’s important to understand that the loss of lean muscle tissue is counter-productive to permanent weight loss. Well known weight management programs may not always distinguish between the loss of fat or lean muscle tissue when promoting their weight loss guarantees. The one guarantee that unhealthy diets can promise is the loss of metabolically active muscle tissue leading to short-lived unsatisfactory results.


A brand new weight loss and body contouring program called ageLOC TR90 is now available for a select few!


Unlike traditional weight loss programs, ageLOC TR90 supports lean muscle tissue and promotes an improved metabolism to lose weight the right way! The best part is ageLOC TR90 makes it easy to achieve desired results and stay on the path to success. For 90 days, take two control capsules, two times daily with meals. For best results, take 15-20 minutes before meals.


ageLOC TR90 is a brand new exclusive weight loss and body contouring system. This revolutionary system is available October 15th to 10 Hebe Clients and then unavailable until next year, when it is released to the general public in October 2014.


Hebe only has 10 ageLOC TR90 systems to sell – ACT NOW!

Call Sarah @ Hebe 858-205-8054 for more information and to get on the list.


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If you can’t wait and have a need – contact Hebe today!

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