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Ethocyn Serum – the only product in the world proven to restore skin to that of a 20 year old.

1 pearlGREAT SKIN DISCOVERY! (2 of a 4 part series)

Pearl’s Ethocyn Serum targets the sources of aging to preserve the look of youthful skin and reduce the appearance of aging!



 1. Elastin Production Slows Down

 2. Skin Loses Its Elasticity

3. Skin Begins to Sag


Ethocyn is a very unique molecule that has the power to increase Elastin in our skin.


Clinical Studies at Major University Medical Centers Reveal these important results…



(participants age 40-70)


1 Month             55%  

2 Months            115%

3 Months            166%  (same levels found in 18-25 year olds)


The Ethocyn Molecule


What is Ethocyn?


Once in a great many years, scientific and medical researchers take a giant step forward in developing an effective treatment for skin aging. The patented Ethocyn molecule, presented in Ethocyn skin care products, is that giant step.


Over 19 years and $20 million have been devoted to Ethocyn’s molecular design, patents, research, and development –– and it is considered by medical researchers, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons to be of paramount importance in the treatment of skin aging.


Ethocyn is not ‘another’ moisturizer, sunscreen, or antioxidant. It is not a superficial skin-plumper, acidic irritant, or iridescent cream that merely provides the illusion of more youthful skin. This patented ingredient is clinically proven (p<0.001) to restore the important elastin fiber content in your skin to levels found in 20 year old’s; this is a task no other skin care product can accomplish. 



Pearl containing Ethocyn Serum

Pearl containing Ethocyn Serum


Take the pearl challenge (apply to one half of your face) and discover the difference in your skin. You’ll never go back to your old skin products again!


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