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Hébé sources only the best quality hair in the industry to provide you with the ultimate in luxury hair amplification services.

Our well designed program allows you to wear hair extensions while your own hair becomes healthier, stronger and longer.

Our signature hair extensions are affordable, non-damaging, and long lasting. Our clients find the investment worthwhile and recommend them to someone who is a first timer or who has worn them in the past but had a bad experience, or to someone who is tired of paying for new hair every couple of months.

Our signature hair extensions, healthy hair maintenance tips, and exclusive treatment products allow you to have an enjoyable hair extension experience everyday.







Mariyan B&A

Perfect for those thin areas that never grow…A quick fix that will enhance your style without breaking the bank. (2 panels) Select colors only.






Mel B&A

Turn up the volume! Your hair will be amplified with sustainable volume 24/7. Say good bye to bad hair days! (up to 6 panels) volume + thickness.







Jolie B&A

Ignite your look with shots of vibrant color bursts… (up to 6 panels).







Carlie B&A

Beware – You will turn heads and break hearts! (up to 12 panels) volume + thickness + some length.






Rosie B&A 

Channel your inner celebrity and rock the red carpet. Be prepared for the interview… “What’s your secret to great hair?” (up to 18 panels) mega volume + thickness + length.






Paulina B&A

Start a love affair with your hair and selfies will never be the same! (up to 24 panels) maximum volume + thickness + length.