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Hair Extensions Add Volume and Shine Instantly

Say goodbye to bad hair days with hair extensions! Hair extensions are no longer reserved for the “rich and famous”. This everday service is solving the issues facing women with thinning and fine hair all around the world – and could help you achieve the hair of your dreams!


The fact is women feel great when their hair looks great. Hair plays a large role in getting ready for the day- clothes count, hair matters!


But what if you have reached a stage in life when your hair is thinning and you can no longer grow your hair long? This is the case for millions of women… according to the American Hair Loss Association. Over 30 million suffer from genetic or hereditary thinning.


One in four women are affected and here’s how it breaks down:


Hair Loss Facts

 Age                   Women                  Percent

20-29                2.4 million                  12%

30-39                6.0 million                   29%

40-49                5.7 million                   36%

50-59                3.0 milion                    27%

60-70                2.4 million                   21%


*A Proctor & Gamble survey showed that 50% of women in North America and Europe struggle to create volume and thickness when styling their hair.


Hair Extensions now provide a solution to this problem and is taking the salon industry by storm. Quality hair extensions applied properly can provide transformations never before imagined and almost everyone is a candidate.


Benefits of Hair Extensions

  • The most comfortable , natural, and undetectable hair system
  • Non-damaging and reusable
  • Chemical free color (beneficial for pregnant women)
  • Adds volume and length to women in 60 minutes
  • Can be used to correct a bad haircut or hair breakage
  • Applies extremely flat against the head- great for thin fine hair!


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If you can’t wait and have a need – contact Hebe today!

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About Sarah Kate

Sarah Kate is owner and Head Stylist at Hebe. She is extremely knowledgeable about all hair extension qualities and methods available in the market and has taken numerous classes on hair extensions and systems, making her an expert in the industry.

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