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Hair Extensions Here To Stay!

Hair extensions instantly create the fullness and length you’re looking for! Never has there been a better time to jump in and experience the results! Hair extensions have weathered the “fad” phase and have now become mainstream. Hair extensions are here to stay! Good hair extensions are nearly undetectable and have provided women around the world a new found confidence in the way they look and feel. There’s nothing like a great head of hair! 

When you make the decision to get hair extensions you should think long term. The following is a tried and true system to wearing extensions and keeping your own hair in great condition for years to come. 
  • Choose an experienced Hair Extension Specialist
  • Take hair supplements (Schedule a free Consultation with Hebe to find out what your many options are)
  • Schedule Hair Enhancement LLT treatments to help your own hair become thicker, stronger, and longer (learn more about this treatment thru other blogs on this site)
  • Use a “Wet Brush” 
You can achieve great results by incorporating the tips above into your hair routine. Hebe can provide you with all of the tools necessary to maximize your investment. We offer a holistic approach to wearing and maintaining hair extensions long term. We believe in an inside out approach to healthy hair and 
provide access to the highest quality supplements and hair treatments available on the market today. 
Hair extensions provide instant satisfaction to the client who has dreamt of having a beautiful head of hair! A transformation so great that most women look and feel 7 to 10 years younger!!

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Every week on Saturdays a new blog post will contain valuable information pertaining to anti-aging. We will be educating you about the latest in technologically advanced services and products. Spend a few minutes with us on the weekend enjoying your coffee and learning about how “Your DNA is not your destiny”, and how to incorporate anti-aging strategies that really work into your daily routine.


If you can’t wait and have a need – contact Hebe today!

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About Sarah Kate

Sarah Kate is owner and Head Stylist at Hebe. She is extremely knowledgeable about all hair extension qualities and methods available in the market and has taken numerous classes on hair extensions and systems, making her an expert in the industry.

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