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SAN DIEGO’S HARD WATER & How To Minimize Its Negative Impact On Your Hair!

mineral deposits water pipeHard water is water that contains an abundance of minerals.  The percentage of mineral content found in water can vary from state to state and even from city to city. While it’s not harmful to your health, the minerals in hard water can bring serious problems to your skin and hair, causing your hair to feel dirty, dull, and dry.


San Diego’s Public Utility – Water Department reports the following,

“We import most of our water, and as the water travels through rock and soil, it picks up minerals, including calcium and magnesium. These minerals produce what is often referred to as “hardness” in water, and what gives Southern California some of the hardest water in the country.” San Diego also has 3x the public swimming pool limit for chlorine in the water, wreaking havoc on healthy hair.


Minerals combine with your natural oils to cause a greasy, sticky feeling at the scalp. Then, this mineral buildup prevents a good conditioner from penetrating the hair and leaves ends dry and brittle. To compound the problem, if you color your hair, hard water tends to create a brassy look. Chlorine strips away your hair color leaving it looking worn out and lifeless.






Water filters enhance pH balance by filtering out chlorine and letting only the pure water pass through! There are many water filters to choose from ranging in price from $20-$100. Don’t be fooled by the gimmicks! We’ve done the research and one of the best showerhead filters on the market is the Rainshow’r (featured here). This great device filters 90% of the chlorine out of the water. Replace the filter every 3-6 months depending on use (more than one person in the household will require more frequent filter replacements).




Malibu Hard Water Packet

It’s best to begin with a SOS in-salon treatment to completely remove build up in your hair. Then you can use Malibu hard water packets to maintain your hair. These packets remove all hard water minerals that can discolor or damage hair. They will eliminate brassiness and safely restore your natural color. Some additional benefits include revitalizing your hair with shine while restoring its natural flow and movement.






Chelating shampoos are specifically designed to prevent and remove mineral buildup in your hair. A chelating agent will chemically bind to minerals, removing them before you notice any sort of unwanted buildup. Choose shampoos that contain less than 10 ingredients and ask your stylist for their recommendation.



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