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The ONE and Only Skin Product You Need In Your Cabinet!

Ethocyn Serum

Ethocyn Serum

GREAT SKIN DISCOVERY! (3 of a 4 part series)


We finally found the solution to a bathroom cabinet filled with Anti-Aging products and a pocket book depleted through multiple purchases of skin products!  The nearly trillion dollar market proves that we all want to FIND a product or series of products that allows us to see noticeable differences in the appearance of our skin. The hunt has been going on for years, with limited success.  Until now… PEARLS containing Ethocyn Serum & ageLOC ingredients proves to be that ONE product you should have stocked in your cabinet! 


Whether you’re cabinet is full of products or you just ran out- if you want a solution to improve the appearance of your skin… something that really works.  Search no further, we found it!


If there was ONE product and only one… that you could use to reverse the signs of aging – we want you to have this ONE.


There are 2 properties in our skin that affect the way it looks – Elastin & Collagen.

The Ethocyn serum increases Elastin in our skin – learn more (last week’s BLOG)


This week we’re taking a closer look at the ingredients that make Pearls the most effective Anti-Aging product on the market and The Science of ageLOC


AgeLOC science takes Anti-Aging to a completely new level. AgeLOC studies the genetic origins of how and why we age – and looks at Elastin & Collagen levels. Youth Gene Clusters are functional groups of genes that regulate the aging process in our skin. AgeLOC science targets these groups of genes and “resets” them to youthful patterns of activity – like clearing your cache and rebooting your computer for better performance! 


The Ethocyn Serum with ageLOC ingredients penetrates the skin and goes to work resetting the patterns of activity within our genes and restores their youthful patterns.  The result – increased levels of elastin and collagen amounting to GREAT LOOKING SKIN! 


It’s no wonder that cosmetic surgeons recommend to their patients to use Pearls prior to undergoing surgery, thereby maximizing the results of their operations.  Additionally, doctors recommend using Pearls post-op due to the serum’s healing properties.  Imagine starting the use of this product prior to any type of reconstructive procedure.  The Pearls are your best preventative skin medicine!




  1. The most effective anti-aging skin product in the world & takes up the least amount of space – ONE product
  2. The best preventative skin product to keep your skin looking young
  3. Affordable



Pearl containing Ethocyn Serum
Pearl containing Ethocyn Serum


Take the pearl challenge (apply to one half of your face) and discover the difference in your skin. You’ll never go back to your old skin products again!


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