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The foundation of all Hébé healthy hair services is our signature SOS treatment. The SOS removes hard water and chlorine deposits from your hair, leaving it brighter, shinier, softer, smoother, and healthier.


Everyone has porous hair from their mid lengths down to their ends if they color, blow dry, flat iron, or curl their hair. They also get porosity from over processing hair color, sun exposure, hard water, and chlorine.


The hard water and chlorine buries deep into the porosity of the hair and acts like a glue like substance to hold hair together. Its not a “good” glue, it is a “bad” glue that will cause breakage, tangling, matting, split ends, brittleness, and dryness. 


Our SOS treatment releases minerals and chlorine from the deep pockets of your hair, which leaves it brighter, shinier, softer, smoother, and healthier.


If you don’t fill those holes with a “good” glue, they will quickly build up again with the bad stuff and your hair will not break free of the vicious cycle.


To break the cycle of dry, brittle, unhealthy hair, Hébé recommends to follow up the SOS with 3 options to restore the protein of your hair. The protein fills the holes with “good” glue and the benefits of using any of our Protein Restoring Techniques will leave your hair feeling thicker, fuller, stronger, and healthier.


The options include:

1. So This is Love Treatment – A chemical free, water based plex protein that lasts up to 12 weeks.

2. Glitteratzi Treatment – A protein rich sheer color glaze that lasts up to 6 weeks (Wheat, Rice, Keratin, & Silk Proteins).

3. Salon Exclusive Protein Rich Treatment Products – Take home and use on a daily basis. the more you use them, the better your hair looks and feels.







San Diego has some of the hardest water in the country and it is wreaking havoc on our hair! Say good bye to dry, brittle and stressed out hair. This treatment removes minerals and chlorine and restores your hair to silky smooth. You will love your hair again! Maintain results at home every 3-4 months in salon.







Chemical free alternative to keratin treatments. Smoothes and repairs frizzy damaged hair.







Our extreme conditioning service adds 25 essential vitamins and minerals to stressed out hair. Our LLT light enhances the treatment for ultimate results.






Treat yourself to a double dose of our luxury hair enhancing services. SOS + So This is Love (as shown) or SOS + The Ultimate.








Laser Hair Rejuvenation by Hébé is the most leading edge treatment for hair thinning and loss in the market. It significantly improves any head of hair by making it thicker, fuller, stronger, healthier, and shinier. Hair Rejuventation sessions and Healthy Hair Boost Sessions are available.